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3 Social Media Mistakes Business Professionals Make

Most business pros these days are completely aware of the power of social media and what it can do for their business. Unfortunately just as many are using social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest only because they “feel they need to,” not necessarily because they know what they are doing. The result is businesses managing their social media channels incorrectly, or not to their fullest potential. Here are 3 social media mistakes entrepreneurs make when it comes to using social media.

1. No Plan, Stan:  Jumping in to social media with no plan or purpose typically has the same result as a dog chasing its tail. Business professionals need to realize that social media requires thought, planning and strategy. Just posting things willy-nilly, and with no true purpose in mind, is not only a complete waste of time, it can ultimately annoy those who choose to follow you. To avoid losing traction and wasting time and $$, take the time to create a social media plan.

2. Trying to Be Everywhere: The first urge businesses have when working to create a social media presence is to try to manage all social media channels at once. They jump into a social media platform without really knowing if it’s even a place where their ideal client might be hanging out. Before setting up account on all social media sites, take a moment to determine which site is the place where their ideal client is most likely to be spend time and that will vary from industry to industry. Choose 1-2 social sites to begin and master those before moving on.

3. All About ME: The #1 mistake businesses make when using social media is that they forget the ‘social’ part of the equation. Nothing will turn potential customers and followers off faster than a constant barrage of YOUR sale, YOUR deals, YOUR accomplishments.  Take the time to share, talk, be real and share relevant information from other sources frequently.