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3 Tools that Give Entrepreneurs an Edge on Social Media

As business professionals, we are always looking for the system or the work-around that gives our business the upper hand on social media. Here are three that are sure to “up your game” in the world of social networking.

1. Looking to increase engagement on Pinterest? Consider BoardBooster. BoardBooster is a Pinterest Scheduler and users can schedule Pins similar to Hootsuite. This tool not only lets users know the average Repins and Likes per Board, but it offers up the bonus of a Board Doctor; an extra  tool that tests all pins on your Pinterest  boards, identifies nine common problems like broken links and content duplication and helps to fix them. How does this increase engagement? Those who share relevant, valuable and consistent information on Pinterest will be rewarded with more Followers and RePins.

2. WP-Polls: A free WordPress Polls plugin, WP-Polls is a wonderful tool for creating polls and survey forms for your visitors. Users can create polls to appear on widgets, posts and pages. By knowing what is first and foremost on the minds of your readers, likers and followers will allow business owners to offer up the tips and advice that their customers are craving.

TIP: Online gurus recommend using no more than 4-6 questions per survey and the best method is to utilize a multiple-choice form.

3. Trello: Trello is a free task management application that can help individuals, small teams, and even organizations stay on task. Trello is a way to organize projects, goals, brainstorming sessions, and even product launches in an easy-to-understand horizontal format. In one glance, users are able to see who’s working on what, what’s “done,” and what tasks still need attention. Trello also has the ability to assign tasks to specific people on your team to eliminate the “who’s-working- on-what?” confusion that can often slow down projects. Trello operates on four main features:

  • Organization: The name of the business or the team within a business.
  • Boards: Represent team projects.
  • Lists: Represent stages for workflow.
  • Cards: Represent specific projects and tasks that move between the Lists.

All four features work together to create an interactive, drag-n-drop project management system that is hard to beat. It’s a great way to co-ordinate and strategize social media updates or blog posts amongst multiple team members.