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3 Social Media Mistakes Business Professionals Make

Most business pros these days are completely aware of the power of social media and what it can do for their business. Unfortunately just as many are using social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest only because they “feel they need to,” not necessarily because they know what they are doing. The result...
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Leveraging Facebook Groups for your Business

If you are a regular Facebook user you are probably aware, and have even been invited to join, at least one Facebook Group in conjunction with your personal profile. These groups can vary from hobby or interest groups to support groups, and are a great place for camaraderie and the exchanging of ideas. But did...
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3 Tools that Give Entrepreneurs an Edge on Social Media

As business professionals, we are always looking for the system or the work-around that gives our business the upper hand on social media. Here are three that are sure to “up your game” in the world of social networking. 1. Looking to increase engagement on Pinterest? Consider BoardBooster. BoardBooster is a Pinterest Scheduler and users...
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