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Our Process

We create a brand new, creative online marketing strategy that is unique to your brand. We deliver results that work. We don’t just toss your brand into a template that we use over and over again. We spend time listening, researching, and learning as much as we can about your brand in order to create a customized program that will do exactly what we promise.

Your customized digital marketing strategy process will consist of the following:

1. Learning

The first thing we do is learn all about your company. We listen to you, we ask you questions, and we learn what your goals are. We take the time to get to know your brand and the climate of your industry. We’ll take a look at who your competitors are and assess how your company stacks up against them.

2. Planning

Now that the research is done, we begin the planning process. At this stage, we identify a clear set of objectives and goals. We will then identify the most effective strategies to reach your potential customers and convert them into loyal customers.

3. Executing

At this stage, everything that we have been working on comes together. Whether it’s a new website, an email marketing campaign or social media management, we will put our plan into action. This is one of the most extensive and collaborative parts of our process. This is when you, the client, get to sit back and watch our vision come alive.

4. Measuring

Now that we’ve identified clear goals and objectives, we’re able to define some key performance indicators (KPI’s) and measure the success of our marketing efforts. We will analyze web metrics, social metrics, and email metrics in order to identify trends, opportunities, and weaknesses.

5. Adjusting

This is one of the most important parts of our marketing process. At this stage, we consider what information we found during the measuring process. Any strategy that has underperformed or is not aligned with the goals and objectives of your marketing campaigns, we will drop or improve on.

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